Be Careful of Dog Training Treats!

Pet Safety

Most people today are aware of the fact that obesity is becoming an epidemic worldwide. The problems that this condition bring about have nothing to do with how one looks, but rather the fact that obesity is associated with diabetes, sleep apnea, arthritis, and a myriad of other very serious health problems. And what is truly sad about this epidemic is that it seems to actually be affecting pets as well! No doubt the type and amount of dog training treats that owners indulge their pets with has a lot to do with this problem. Many owners, especially those with a new dog or new puppy, are far too eager to reward their dog with an edible treat or with table scraps, and most have very little knowledge of how dangerous this can be to a dog's health. If you're an owner that may be guilty of overindulging your pet with dog training treats, what are some things you need to consider when it comes to the type and amount of treats, and what are some of your other options for rewarding your dog? Let's take a look at the subject of dog training treats and see what other choices you have.

For one thing, remember that dog training treats are not your only option when it comes to rewarding your dog. Pets respond to positive attention from their owners just as much as anything else, and perhaps even more so. Petting your dog, giving her reassuring words, and playing with her are just as rewarding as any fattening treats! Choose some favorite toys that you and the dog can play with for a few minutes, such as a ball you can toss around or a rag that she can tussle with while you hold it. This means that you can play with your dog for a few minutes in place of those dog training treats without having to spend hours at the dog park.

Positive attention and rewarding your dog can also mean petting and grooming as well. Dogs enjoy being brushed if it's done properly, and this type of physical attention when used in place of dog training treats can keep a dog calm and soothed, as opposed to making her fat!

This doesn't mean that you need to stop using dog training treats altogether; they simply need to be used more sparingly. Also, consider the ingredients of the treats you choose. Some these days are nothing but fat and sugar, but if you do some shopping, you'll find other brands that are leaner with protein and very little fat. Dogs enjoy the taste of protein as much as they do anything else, so finding dog training treats that are made with lean meats such as chicken and turkey are just as enjoyable to your dog as any other.

If you find that your dog is becoming overweight then it's time to rethink how and when you use dog training treats and think about other rewards instead.

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