Danger for Pets Around the Christmas Holiday

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It is always a happy time around the Christmas Tree, but caution should be used for your furry friends. 

There are a few thing to remember to ensure the safety of your pets and to avoid any holiday trips to the veterinarian office. 

1. Do not wrap any pet treats or food and place them under the Christmas Tree. Dogs can sniff them out and devour them before you are aware of what happened. In the process your friend might digest paper, plastic, or ribbon. 

2. Dogs will chew on the branches of your tree. They will also be attracted to lights and glass ornaments. Try to elevate your tree and keep all directions high enough to not be reached by your pet. 

3. Keep Holly far from your pet. This plant along with their berries, have a greater toxicity level than the poinsettia. Symptoms of illness form ingesting these plants include intestinal upset, such as vomiting and diarrhea, excessive drooling, and abdominal pain. 

4. Mistletoe is also harmful and can have very negative effects on both cats and dogs. Mistletoe contains multiple substances that are toxic to both dogs and cats. It is well known for causing severe intestinal upset, as well as a sudden and severe drop in blood pressure, breathing problems, and even hallucinations (unusual behavior).

Please keep in mind that the holiday season can be fun for your entire family, but we must be cautious about what we keep close to our pets. 

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From our family to yours have a Happy Holiday! 

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